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Color Palette

A color palette is a set of colors used for various design and presentation purposes, such as illustrations, infographics and web design. The first step to creating any type of visual content is thinking about the message you want to convey. Before picking your fonts, props or characters - pick your colors!

Color has an immediate effect on how we feel, and conveys specific emotions or feelings, which can help you to create the correct impression for your audience.

Color Palettes are particularly useful in infographics, presentations, designs and other visual works where a set color theme is needed. Color plays an important role in how users perceive different aspects of your project - from its seriousness, sophistication or attitude to its overall harmony, balance and unity.

Random Color Palette

Have you ever wanted to use random color palettes in your design or game? Perhaps, it could be for a background image. Or maybe filling an array with colors that you think would work well together (or perhaps not). The possibilities are limitless!

Creating your own color palette by hand is easy once you know the basic principles behind it - but what if you're in a hurry? There are plenty of free apps out there that can help you create your own color palette with ease.

One such app is the one on this page. You just have to scroll up and click "Generate". The color palette will be generated automatically. You can then save it or click "Generate" again to generate a new palette!

So what are you waiting for? Make your own random color palette!

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